When was the last time you had sex that actually made your toes curl?

You Deserve To Have Better Sex, Sex That’s As Good For You As It Is For Him

Sandra has 10 minutes to do something before he comes, or it’s all over.

His name is George…

And they’ve been married for 15 years.

Ask anyone, and they’ll say:

“Sandra and George are made for each other.”

But as Sandra looks at him, removing his shoes, she thinks about what they don’t know.

The secret that could ruin Sandra and George’s marriage forever… leaving her alone and broken-hearted

George is shrugging off his jacket, and looking at her… smiling expectantly.

He looks towards their bedroom door, and she knows it’s now or never.

She doesn’t want a repeat of their unsatisfying weekly bedroom routine.

She takes a deep breath...

And does something she’s never done before.

An hour later, she’s left gasping, and grasping at the bedsheets, her legs trembling… George panting beside her.

Well, that was new, she grins. I could get used to that.

I hear stories like Sandra’s time and time again.

Women, like Sandra, who are paralyzed by a secret shame.

Constantly afraid that their not-so dirty little secret could ruin their entire relationship.

I’ve heard countless women like Sandra say...

“I Don’t Think Our Sex Life Is That Great... I’ve Tried Everything, But I Think I’m Bad In Bed.”

If you feel like this, too, know that you are not alone.

And ask yourself this question...

What if you haven’t actually tried everything?

What if I told you there was one thing you haven’t tried?

Something that seems obvious once you understand how a woman’s body is designed for pleasure.

I’m not talking about those “hacks” from glossy mags.

I’m talking about something much, much deeper...

And it starts with a truth that's been kept secret from you.

A truth that every woman SHOULD know that will change your sex life forever.

I’m Going To Reveal That Jaw-Dropping Truth To You

But first, see if you can picture this...

It’s Friday evening.

You open the door to your house, to find your man waiting for you.

Something’s different.

He looks at you like a half-starved man, and you’re the only thing that can save him.

You think he might actually devour you...

It’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

You’re barely through the door before he sweeps you into his arms...

And kisses you, like you’ve never been kissed before.




He groans into your ear, “I need you.”

Your knees buckle.

You say yes, a thousand times yes.

Somehow you end up in the bedroom.

Clothes flying, hands touching, lips crushing.

And this time, when you’re in the throes of real passion, you don’t have to fake it.

Because Commitment To Him Doesn’t Mean Commitment To Bad Sex

I’m here to tell you that...

You can have sex beyond your wildest dreams with the man of your dreams.

Sex better than those movies you watch with your girlfriends.

Sex that has him (and you) begging for more.

Sex that has you screaming with pleasure, over and over again.

There’s one thing stopping you from having fantasize-worthy sex with your man...

This might shock you.

Because, the truth is...

You’ve Been Having Sex Wrong This Entire Time

Everything you thought you knew...

Everything you were taught at school...

What all those glossy mags tried to make you believe...

You’ve been sold misinformation about sex your entire life.

You’ve been led to believe that as long as your man is happy in bed, you should be, too…

That only men feel sexual pleasure.

That if he’s not enjoying it, it’s your fault.

None of that is true.

The truth behind mind-blowing sex isn’t as meaningless or material as sexy lingerie...

Neither is it you telling him what he wants to hear.

Or mimicking the sex you see on screen.

I want to set the record straight by revealing the truth EVERY woman should know...

Get ready to be blown away.

The jaw-dropping truth to mind-blowing sex is...

Every Woman Has A Hidden Pleasure Power Inside Of Her

A pleasure power you can tap into, if you only have the key.

Unlocking the ability for unmatched sexual pleasure.

A sexual pleasure proven to be at least twice that of any man.

It’s like learning moves to a new dance that you never knew existed.

Imagine discovering the dance for the first time...

Then guiding your partner in that dance...

And you both feel an exhilarating thrill as you spin across the floor.

Unlocking your hidden pleasure power is like learning the dance of sexual pleasure.

A dance that you can learn the moves to and guide him in...

Through subtle signals and signs.

Where he’ll learn that your unlocked pleasure power only increases his pleasure.

Too many women are missing out on the easiest and sexiest way to a stronger bond with their favorite guy.

And I’ve made it my mission to change that.

Because every woman should have the ability to experience the best sex of her entire life.

I’m here to give you the keys you need to unlock your pleasure power.

Hi, I'm Amy...

You could say helping women is in my DNA.

I started my career as a dating and relationship expert over 17 years ago.

You know people who collect plants or plates? Well, I collected books about sex. Yep. I thought I had it all figured out. That is, until I settled down with the guy I thought was the man of my dreams... And found sex rather unsatisfying.

I felt like I’d lost my mojo. Which set me on a path to discover once and for all what the truth about sex was for women like me. Could we have great sex all the time? What actually works for women? And how do you separate the truth from the tricks to get me to buy more stuff?

Amy Waterman is a relationship expert who saw so much misinformation out there about sex, she couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Her passion for helping women unlock their full potential extends beyond her transformational sexlife insights, with over 12 books and online courses to help women thrive… and thousands of online followers seeking her advice.

This Is The Sex Education I Wish I’d Had Ten Years Ago

Yes, me... The dating and relationship expert of over 17 years.

The collector of books about sex.

If you'd told me there was this secret to sex when I fell into my sexually-stale relationship

I would have given anything to learn how to unlock my hidden pleasure power.

Sadly, I can’t turn back time, but...

I can share this life-changing information to help as many women as possible, right now.

Which got me thinking about how I could help you specifically.

Because I know how uncomfortable it feels even thinking about going to a sex therapist...

Or attending an online or face-to-face program with other people.

Which led to an aha! moment — you need a book.

A book you can read discreetly… without broadcasting that you’re reading about sex.

Because sex isn’t a dirty word...

But it can be uncomfortable, intimidating, or even scary when you’re discovering all this for the first time.

A book is like a sex therapist, without the awkwardness.

You can share a book with your girlfriends, or keep it completely to yourself.

He’ll never know you’re reading about sex on your phone before bed, or in the bath (until you’re ready to show him, that is).

I’d love if one day we could talk openly about sex.

And improve sex education generally while we’re at it!

Until then, you can empower yourself to have the best sex you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Keep it between you and your man, if you want.

And let that new glow speak for itself.

The Pleasure Revolution Is Here, And It’s Calling Your Name

Introducing Unleash Your Pleasure Power, a downloadable digital guidebook that shows you the secrets to transform “meh sex” to mindblowing by unlocking your hidden pleasure power.

Unlearn what you thought you knew about sex.

Discover how to ignite your pleasure power that’s been hidden inside you all this time.

Have mind-blowing sex with your man.

This is the book I wish I’d had ten years ago.

The book:

Debunks the myths about sex that have kept you trapped in a never ending cycle of bad sex.

Reprograms how you think about sex using scientifically-backed research.

Answers your most burning questions from sex educators who really know their stuff.

Empowers you to unleash your pleasure power and have the best damn sex of your life.

Unleash Your Pleasure Power by Amy Waterman

Easy to read. Although it’s based on thousands of hours of scientific research, I’ve only included the practical advice you need to unleash your pleasure power. No jargon, no fluff.

Read on any device. Read the book on your phone in bed, or on your Kindle in the bath. The file type works on all devices, including tablets, PCs, MACs, cell phones and more.

No wi-fi reading. Once you’ve downloaded the book, you can read offline anywhere. From your bedroom, to the bathroom, or on your work breaks, it’s ready to read anytime.

Self-guided. Read as fast, or as slow as you like. No judging here!

Lifetime guarantee. This book is yours to keep forever. And I mean forever. You’ll always have a download link to re-download the book if you ever lose yours. At no extra cost to you.

You’re Backed by My Ironclad 60-Day Guarantee

Just try out the steps in “Unleash Your Pleasure Power” for up to 60 days and see how much better life can be when you take the reins in the bedroom and let your pleasure power guide you.

Simply download this digital book instantly so you can conveniently get these insights anytime, anywhere.

And if you’re not satisfied for any reason…

Simply let me know with an email and you’ll get back every penny, no questions asked.

Bring Out Your Inner Sex Goddess

After you read Unleash Your Pleasure Power, you will...

Learn how to flick the switch on your pleasure center

Be empowered to unleash your pleasure power in the bedroom

Feel confident enough to turn the lights on, and keep them on

Start fantasizing about him in and out of the bedroom

Drive him wild and have him begging for more

Experience sex that hits the spot for him and you...

Have the most mind-blowing sex you’ve ever had

Strengthen your relationship with new levels of intimacy

What Are People Saying About Amy’s Book?

"Every woman has a sensual goddess within. This book will help you unleash her pleasure and her power."
- Dr. Rebecca Rosenblat, author of Awaken Your Sensual Goddess, SensualGoddessSchool.com
"This book made me want to put down everything I was doing and talk to my husband about the kind of sex I DO want. It made me want to jump into the shower for some solo sex with my friend the showerhead. It made me want to call all my friends and clients and say, READ THIS BOOK! It will change your life!!"
- Terah Harrison, LPC, founder of The Shameless Sexual Revolution, TerahHarrison.com
"I am going to gift this book to my daughter and granddaughters. What a shock to realize sex isn't just about pleasing the man in my life and I'm not the failure when he leaves me wanting. After years of gaslighting by men and well-meaning women, I read this book and had my eyes opened wide. Women deserve to be truly satisfied in the bedroom."
- E.C.
"In the future I'll be sure to speak up and put my pleasure at the forefront. And in the meantime I'll keep learning about my body so I know exactly what to say... Thank you so much, Amy! This is the book I didn't know I needed."
- R.D.

I want you to have this book, no matter what you can afford

Yes, I realize a good sex therapist charges $200 or more just for the first session.

And that the research I’ve condensed for you into this single book is worth thousands of dollars.

I know because my book publisher told me when we started talking about how much it would cost...

They wanted to sell this book like a typical masterclass online course at its full price of $129, but I said NO.

What use is the life-changing information in this book... if I can’t get it into your hands?

I want you to have this book… no matter what you can afford.

Even though audiobooks selling for $43 can be an amazing value, I wanted my audiobook to be even cheaper. For you.

After I begged my publisher to sell it for less...

They agreed to do a test...

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That means right now... You can get Unleash Your Pleasure Power for a one-time payment of ONLY $19

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I can tell you one thing...

I don’t want you to regret a chance you didn’t take. So if you don’t want to keep my book, my publisher will refund you anytime within 60 days of purchase.

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My book publisher didn’t tell me when they were going to end the test...

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I’ve got a question...

Q. I’ve been with my man for 6 years. Will this book work for me?
A. Whether you’ve been with your man for 6 years or 60 years, this book will work for you. There’s no age limit for unlocking your pleasure power, or having a deeper sexual bond with your man.
Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. Once you learn the secret to unleash your pleasure power, you’ll never forget it. We want you to be satisfied, so if you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Email us within 60 days of your purchase at [email protected] or call our toll free number at (888) 212-6269, and we’ll happily provide you a full 100% refund.
Q. I’m having issues downloading the book. Can you help?
Yes! Send us an email at [email protected] or call our toll free number at (888) 212-6269 and we’ll sort it out for you.

Click the button now to get this limited-time offer.

Includes the FREE audiobook!


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