That Guy!!

What is wrong with him??

You’ve shown him how you feel.

You put his needs first.

You try to look good for him, and make him feel manly, and never nag or complain.

You would do ANYTHING for him. Doesn’t he get that?

He has your heart, and you would stand on your head and whistle a tune if that’s what he needed.

So why did this happen?

The pain men cause us, eh?

When you think about all the times you risked caring about a man...

Only to find you weren’t “enough” for him...

Not attractive enough. Not accommodating enough. Not worth enough...

You could just cry.

Why do you keep giving away something precious and not getting back anything in return?

Especially when all you EVER wanted was someone to love, who loves you back.

It’s such a simple wish.

Is it so WRONG to want that?

Were you born under the wrong star or something?

Because it’s just not fair.

None of it is fair.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything right again.

Hi, I’m Amy.

And over the next few minutes you’re going to learn a simple principle that works MAGIC on your relationships with men.

You don’t know me yet, but I’d like to be here for you.

I think women who dare to love are really, really brave.

I think a woman’s heart is a force to be reckoned with.

And I believe that you’re selling yourself short.

You’re seeing yourself as someone that a man (or men) didn’t pick.

You’re not realizing your power as a woman to make choices with your OWN pleasure in mind.

This powerful paradigm shift will change EVERYTHING for you in love...

But be warned:

Learning about The Pleasure Principle “might” cause you to throw out EVERTHING you once believed about attraction.

You’ll feel turned off by advice on “what men want” and “how to please men better”...

Because you’ve learned how to be the kind of woman men are BEGGING to please.

Sound good? Then keep reading...

I’ve been advising and writing about love and relationships for, gosh, nearly 20 years now!

And there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the many beautiful women who’ve come to me for help.

Tell me if you think this might be true about you, okay?

I think that...

There’s this TEENY TINY part of you that thinks you have to EARN a man’s affection.

You do all those things for him because you love him, right? But you ALSO do it so he’ll love you.

You want him to keep choosing you instead of all the other women he could be with.

So you make it so good for him that he can’t refuse.

Would you believe me if I told you that this BEAUTIFUL habit of yours...

Which demonstrates your EXTRAORDINARY capacity for love...

Was ALSO... er... shooting you in the foot just a little bit?

You have been so, so good to him...

And I’m going to ask you to be a little bad.

Close your eyes and imagine this.

You roll over in bed and bump into a man’s warm, hard body.

He makes a muffled sound and throws his arm over you, trapping you in bed.

You giggle as he gets a bit naughty. "Stop!" you gasp. "I’ve got work in an hour."

When you get out of the shower, you can smell coffee brewing.

He still makes coffee for you every morning, just the way you like it.

You thought he’d stop making an effort after you moved in together.

Most guys do, don’t they? They stop courting you and instead expect you to cater to them.

But you somehow found the ONE GUY who lives to make you happy.

He’ll let you do nice things for him, but he gets more pleasure out of seeing your gasp of delight when he surprises you.

All your girlfriends want to know where you found him. Not even their HUSBANDS make that kind of effort.

You just smile, because you know that you didn’t just meet this guy by accident.

You manifested him.

You put your pleasure first, and your Inner Bad Girl did the rest.

Do you think you might have an Inner Bad Girl?

Want to meet her?



Are you ready to unlock the power of pleasure and transform your life?

The Pleasure Principle is your ultimate guide to discovering the magic of pleasure and how it can help you attract love, joy, and abundance.

This program is not just about finding a man—it’s about finding yourself.

With practical tips and game-changing insights, you'll learn how to unleash your Inner Bad Girl and become irresistible to the world.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, The Pleasure Principle will show you how to live your best life yet.

Get ready for a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and pure delight.

For too many women, love is something they GIVE but rarely RECEIVE.

Think about it...

Do you get back as much love as you give out?

Yeah, thought so!

And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I’ve heard guys say that they use dating apps to “order up a woman” like they order up a pizza. 🍕😒

They get into a relationship because it makes their life easier. She does everything, and they barely have to do anything. Not even marriage changes that!

Remember when walking down the aisle meant you could relax and know you’d be loved by this man for the rest of your life?

Yeah, me neither.

The epidemic of “gray divorce” means that couples who’ve been together for DECADES are splitting up in record numbers.

No matter how much you’ve got going for you...

No matter how loyal and dedicated you are to him...

Things can change in an instant.

That’s why we’ve GOT to do things differently.

If you want a relationship that only gets BETTER with age...

A relationship with a man who gets as much of a kick out of making YOU happy as you do making HIM happy...

You MUST learn the skills I teach in The Pleasure Principle.

Come along with me, and I will teach you:

Why you’re so stressed out when it comes to men—how your sneaky sympathetic nervous system is sabotaging you (and how to break free)

How a jar and some paper can get you in the habit of choosing your pleasure—this Pleasure Practice will keep you disciplined when you’re tempted to slide

The 3 traits of Genuine Pleasure so that you don’t get sidetracked by pseudo-pleasures or secondary pleasure

How to use the Hedonistic Theory of Attraction to raise your value in the eyes of men—so that they’re fighting over you

Why men love your Inner Bad Girl (yes, you have an Inner Bad Girl - I’ll teach you how to meet her)—and the secret behind desire-oriented living

How the Pleasure Factory inside your body keeps you healthy and youthful—as long as you keep it primed

The 12 Commitment Phrases that inspire devotion and commitment in even the most resistant man

How to navigate rocky patches in your relationship with the Pleasure Principle Questions—instead of fighting, do this

How to use the 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction to give your man the feeling of “love in a bottle”

How to enlist a Pleasure Posse to stay accountable—because everything is better with friends

Why the world needs more Pleasure Revolutionaries (like... you?)

Relationship Crash and Burn

I’ve seen so many relationships crash and burn because HE expected HER to do all the work.

He wasn’t interested in learning how to be a better partner—that was her job!

I know so many women who are TIRED and DRAINED by shouldering ALL the responsibility in their relationship.

Imagine the RELIEF that comes with knowing that your guy is working as hard to stay emotionally close and connected as you are.

You shouldn’t have to work this hard. The Pleasure Principle can change that.

The Pleasure Principle is a powerful program that you can download instantly and consume on any device.

You will learn why YOUR pleasure is the “missing ingredient” in a satisfying love life.

You’ll learn how to map out your own unique Pleasure Profile and put it to use right away.

You will have the opportunity to practice and integrate what you’ve learned through exercises, quizzes, and social media challenges...

With the expectation that this is just the beginning of your BRILLIANT new pleasure-filled life.

Because it’s time to switch things up.

You have spent your ENTIRE LIFE thinking about men’s needs and accommodating them.

Isn’t it time you thought about your needs and how men can accommodate you?

Discover the extraordinary power of a woman’s pleasure

This is a power you’ve always had within you... but never consciously harnessed... until NOW.

Now, if you’re thinking, Not sure this is me? I don’t have a bad bone in my entire body...

Here’s a secret:

You’re the type of woman The Pleasure Principle works BEST for.

If you are never selfish in your relationships, if you always put other people first, if you feel happiest when the people you love are happy...

Then Pleasure Power Training will rock your world—and his!

Are you ready to change your life with the Pleasure Principle?

Are you ready to create a relationship where your pleasure comes first?

Can you imagine now what that might feel like? To have a partner who looks after you, makes you smile, and wants nothing more than to create a future with you?

The time to say, “Well, maybe things will be better tomorrow!” has passed.

No more waiting around for things to change.

No more waiting around for love to make an entrance.

No more feeling utterly powerless, watching a man you love grow more and more distant.

The power to be happier, irresistible, and attract love into your life starts with the Pleasure Principle.

All it takes is a small, one-time payment of $27.

I know it’s hard to know whether something will work for you without trying it first.

So how about this?

Go ahead. Try The Pleasure Principle. Do the exercises. Explore the ideas. See how well it fits.

If you decide that it’s not you, it’s not working, contact me anytime within 60 days for a full 100% refund.

You don’t even have to explain why. Just let me know you want a refund, and I’ll do it.

That’s my 60-Day No-Questions-Asked Sisterhood Guarantee.

Because it’s your turn to get what you want.

Your turn to experience the joy of being pleased by a man.

Your turn to have the love and fulfilling life you’ve envied in others.

I’m not sure how you ended up here today, but I am SO glad you did.

A new way of life is just moments away.

And it’s my pleasure to guide you through the door.

See you soon,

Amy Waterman

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