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Imagine having the almost magic ability to effortlessly win over anyone with every first impression…

Imagine being able to naturally engage in conversations that stimulate and captivate even the most sophisticated people…

And how to keep them thinking of you long after your last interaction…

Imagine walking into a room full of people and giving off such an elegant vibe that everyone feels drawn to you and interested in what you have to say…

Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those people?

We’ve all seen them. Those lucky few that are just flat out Likable without even trying.

They possess an air of elegance and magnetism that draws others in, making them naturally popular and successful.

They never appear awkward and seem to have an easy time connecting with anyone in just about any situation.

Almost as if they’re born with more charisma than the rest of us.

And it’s hard to not like them!

But what about the rest of us?

What about those of us that struggle to feel confident and comfortable in social situations?

Those of us that want to stand out and shine around our friends, colleagues and love interests?

Those of us that know we have a special spark but just don’t know how to turn it on and use it when it really counts?

Well, It Turns Out There Is Something That Can Level the Playing Field

Something new and counterintuitive that even an average, somewhat forgettable person like myself can use to draw in a sophisticated audience…

Form a genuine connection with others so that they hang on every word…

And leave them with the impression that they just met someone they really want to be around.

All without being phoney or trying to act like someone you’re not.

In fact, it’s a fairly simple formula that any “normal” person can easily follow…

A cheatsheet that will allow you to unlock the part of yourself everyone likes and remembers… the part that genuinely stands out and dazzles others…

And to do it when it really counts (like a job interview, a first date or even public speaking)… without being cheesy or risking embarrassment.

What would you do with an ability like that?

How much better would your life be if your natural charisma and your ability to connect with and captivate others was turned up to 10?

Think about it for a second. What if everywhere you went, people were naturally drawn to you?

And what if everyone you talked to felt a genuine connection with you and spoke highly of you to mutual acquaintances?

What if bosses, customers, potential love interests and anyone else you can imagine felt instantly drawn to you?

Hang on to all those thoughts about winning over friends, impressing colleagues and dazzling dates…

Because what I’m about to show you will reveal these cognitive secrets plain as day…

And it’s a game-changer for anyone who has ever wanted to have effortless conversations, make real connections and experience genuine popularity.

But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Amy Waterman and I’ve spent the majority of my life travelling around the world, immersing myself in other cultures and studying… people!

I genuinely love people and am fascinated by human psychology.

And one thing I’ve discovered over the years is this…

There Is a Universal Code, No Matter What Language You Speak or What Country You Live in… That Simply Makes People Remember You and Like You

And this one simple code can steer your life in directions you’ve never dreamed of.

Once it clicked in my head that you don’t have to be a famous singer or a drop dead gorgeous movie star in order to crack the code of charisma and likability…

I started dedicating hours each day to interviewing experts and reading every study that I could get my hands on.

After years of sifting through all the best material on charisma, pulling out all the gems and golden nuggets, and scientifically proven research…

I’ve finally boiled it all down here into a simple, easy-to-follow formula that will allow you to crack your own charisma code and completely transform the way people react to you.


Effortlessly Likable

Effortlessly Likable is a new, counterintuitive approach to the age-old idea of “winning friends and influencing people.”

More specifically, it is every woman’s guide to drawing people in, connecting with them instantly, and leaving a good and lasting impression. The benefit of this can’t be overstated. 

At its core, Effortlessly Likable is a very simple step-by-step formula that anyone can follow to achieve life changing results in a short amount of time.

Most Advice Out There Focuses on Tactics That Come Off as Salesy, Corny and Insincere 

They focus on lines you can repeat, questions you can ask, body language you can copy.

But what they fail to tap into, and this is probably the most powerful influence you can wield… is something you already have.

For some strange reason, it’s been largely ignored… until now. More on this in a second.

You see, I don’t necessarily think that having the same rehearsed questions or lines as everyone else is the best approach to winning people over.

People are smart. Just like you, they can tell when someone is being fake, and they don’t like it.

In fact, many studies reveal that being fake is the most annoying and unattractive quality that a person can have.

In Effortlessly Likable, You’ll Find A Better Way That’s Not Only More Effective, but Also a Lot More Genuine

I mentioned a moment ago that this is something you already have. Something that really resonates with people.

And it’s infinitely more powerful than trying to copy what someone else is doing in order to be Likable and charming.

Can you think back on a time you had a really strong connection with someone?

A really good conversation, the warm glow of someone's full attention, where it felt like they were truly in the moment with you?

Do you think this was because you were copying what someone else did or repeating lines that you rehearsed?

Probably not! Because usually this type of connection only sparks when you allow a sliver of your true self to shine out from behind all the social pressures and insecurities.

The unique part of you that makes you different from everyone else and stand out!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you know how to harness and unleash your genuine, natural charisma, people can’t help but gravitate towards you.

The problem for most of us is… we don’t know how to turn it on when it really counts.

It’s not an off or on switch that can be flipped at a moment’s notice.

Until now! Because Effortlessly Likable will show you exactly what to do so you can flip on your “charisma switch” and crank it up to 11 when you need it most!

And as amazing as that is, you’ll gain so much more than that.

Here Are Just a Few Things Effortlessly Likable Will Do for You:

Discover the all new, counterintuitive formula to being genuine, influential and flat out Likable!

Gain the exact steps you need to follow so you can unleash your most charming, unique self and let it shine when it counts the most!

Specifically created for any woman who wants to BE more confident and charismatic in any situation

Gain the almost magic ability to instantly connect with people and hold their attention

Discover how to tap into predictable human nature and psychology so you can draw people to you like a magnet - WITHOUT sounding phoney or insincere.

Open doors and possibilities in your personal and professional life by connecting with others and leaving glowing impressions.

And much, much more

Whether you feel awkward and introverted around others or just want to be able to confidently shine in any social situation…

This book will act as a cheat sheet to help you bridge the gap from stand-offish and forgettable… to intimately friendly and profoundly memorable - with just about anyone.

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The best things in life are intangible.

The pleasure of a great conversation.

The pride of having spoken to a stranger.

The confidence of knowing that you can handle yourself in any social situation.

That's what my book can give you. Practical tips and strategies for becoming the person you've always wanted to be.

Imagine the friends you'll make... the male attention you'll receive... the extra visibility you'll have... the projects you'll be able to take on...

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