For Any Woman Looking To Stop Fighting With Food and Hating Herself For Eating …

This New Course Reveals a Counter Intuitive, Mind-Blowing Formula For HEALTHY Weight at Any Age (And For The Rest of Your Life)

This is a course
on the pleasure of food.

No, you probably won’t want it.

You’re probably looking for a program on “weight loss.”

One that tells you what NOT to eat, rather than (like me) suggesting more delicious and inventive ways to eat.

Don’t mind me, go ahead and buy the weight loss book instead.

Cut calories. Restrict foods. Get the diet option.

Get used to feeling hungry...

That gnawing in the pit of your stomach...

Unable to think of anything but the clock ticking towards lunch...

Left out as you refuse the treats passed around work...

Your stomach grumbling as you watch your coworkers dig into delicacies.

Your entire life, reduced down to waiting for the clock to give you permission to eat...

A special, reduced-calorie meal that won’t even touch the craving you have for real, mouth-watering food.

You know what the kicker is?

It’s all so UNNECESSARY.

Losing Weight Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

When you go on a diet, chances are you’ll gain it all back within 2 years, with an extra helping to boot.

WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS:“An examination of the long-term consequences of low-calorie diets found that between 1/3 and 2/3s of dieters regained MORE weight than they lost initially.”1

When you go on a diet, you can permanently slow down your metabolism.

WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS:“The most fundamental physiological adaptation to calorie deprivation is a reduction in energy expenditure.”2

IF YOU NEED MORE PROOF:Remember The Biggest Loser? Six years later, participants found that their metabolisms had slowed so much as a result of the extreme dieting that they were now burning 700 calories LESS per day… even though they’d gained much of the weight back.

When you go on a diet, you become hungrier and more preoccupied with food.

WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS:“Diet-induced weight loss results in long-term changes in appetite gut hormones, postulated to favor increased appetite and weight regain.”3

When you go on a diet, you starve your body of the nutrition it needs to grow silky hair, soft skin, powerful muscles, and strong bones.

So go ahead...

Go on a diet.

Let the Diet Tyrants have their way with you.

Follow the $$

The Diet Industry has shaped food culture in America...

For the WORSE.

Diets have made us hungrier.

Diets have made us unhealthier.

Diets have demonized food...

Leading us to feel helpless, hopeless, and unable to control our cravings.

And that’s exactly the way the Food Industry likes it.

The Food Industry makes MORE money selling you “diet foods” than it does by selling you eggs, meat, bread, and tomatoes.

Diet foods are a cash cow, but only a fraction of the $71 billion Diet Industry.

People are MAKING MONEY off you starving.

Doesn’t that make you mad?

It makes me furious.

Especially because I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Rest of the World Knows Something We Don’t

I’ve lived all around the world.

Europe... South America... Australasia.

Much of the world stays at a healthy weight despite eating whatever delicious food they want.

And it’s not because they have “special genes.”

When I dared to try these unusual eating habits for myself, I was mystified to find that I didn’t gain weight...

Even though I was doing EVERYTHING I’d always been told not to do.

I was eating rich, high fat foods...

I was indulging in flaky pastries and dark chocolate...

I was eating whenever I felt hungry...

And I had no CLUE about the calorie count.

I always felt satiated. I felt full ALL THE TIME.

I looked forward to eating food with the people I loved.

No stress. No guilt. No second thoughts.

According to the American Diet Industry, I should be piling on the pounds by eating that way!

Instead I was back to my high school weight...

And I’ve stayed that way ever since.

You’ve Been Mislead By Fake Promises

The Diet Industry wants you to believe that all that matters is calories in/calories out.

And they’ll help you eat fewer calories!

But we know that the calories you take in are just ONE of the 110 factors that influence weight.

That’s right...

The U.K. government identified 110 factors, broken down into 8 categories, that lead to obesity in a series of complex feedback loops.4

So the Diet Industry was always offering you a fake promise...

You thought that by doing what you were told, you would lose weight and keep it off.

Instead you starved and suffered and put the weight back on anyway.

Has the Diet Industry ever really “helped” you?

Or has it only led you to doubt yourself?

Hi, I’m Amy Waterman.

You might know me better as the author of The Pleasure Principle.

I write about love and happiness and personal development.

But one of my biggest passions, which I haven’t talked about much until now, is health and wellness.

My health took a huge hit when I was 25, and it took me years to claw my way back to the point where I could trust my legs to hold me.

I was going through airports in a wheelchair. I couldn’t stand for long periods without a cane.

My body was pure pudge. You couldn’t tell I’d ever been athletic.

The medical establishment couldn’t help. I was on my own.

I began learning as much as I could about nutrition, fitness, mindset, longevity, and lifestyle...

With the dream that someday I would be fit and healthy again.

What’s been most instrumental in my own health journey is not the books I’ve studied, or the wellness gurus I’ve followed, or the advice from personal trainers at the gym…

It’s been the lives of the people around me.

Ordinary people who kept a normal weight...

And stayed that weight throughout the course of their lives...

Despite not doing ANYTHING special.

I couldn’t get it.

These people were staying healthy WITHOUT gyms.

They were staying healthy WITHOUT diets.

They were staying healthy WITHOUT gurus.


And then it dawned on me...

There’s A Missing Piece of The Puzzle

What I’d been missing is the role of CULTURE.

In the countries I’d lived, people had an entirely different “food culture” than the one I’d been brought up with.

A culture that taught them food was for NOURISHING their bodies.

Not depriving their bodies.

Not controlling their bodies.

But FEEDING their bodies, so they could have energy and feel good.

They were eating for HEALTH, not for weight loss.

They were listening carefully to their bodies instead of the Diet Tyrants.

Our bodies are INCREDIBLE sources of wisdom.

They know what we need.

They give us a green light in the form of pleasure.

Things that are good for you FEEL good.

But most of us have learned to ignore and dismiss our bodies’ wisdom.

We listen to our minds instead.

We obey the dictates of the Diet Tyrants.

We eat foods that make us feel bad, or we overeat and pop a Tums.

And our bodies pay the price.

Putting the Pleasure Back Into Eating

A healthy food culture reminds us that we are meant to take PLEASURE in food.

In fact, the pleasure we take in food plays a HUGE role in digestion...

Enabling us to process the nutrients more efficiently.

Did you know that the less pleasure you take in what you’re eating, the less nutrients you absorb and the more likely it is those calories will be stored as fat?

You can supercharge the quality of the food you’re eating simply by SLOWING DOWN and ENJOYING it more.5

And that’s important, because a whopping 85% of Americans are malnourished.6

We’re eating tasteless diet foods and on-the-go fast food, and not getting all the nutrition we need to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

That’s the finding that led me to realize that I had to speak up and say something.

I had learned an entirely different way to eat, based on the very BEST aspects of international food cultures, that had kept my weight the same for DECADES.

I knew the science. I knew it worked.

And I KNEW it could help others.

But I was told it would never work.

NO ONE was going to want to hear what I had to say.


It’s Not About Weight Loss

Weight loss sells. $$$$$

Weight MAINTENANCE doesn’t.

That’s thanks to the influence of Diet Tyrants.

The Diet Tyrants don’t want you to know how to maintain a stable weight, because if you maintain your weight you won’t have any need for them.

We tend to put on 1 or 2 lbs a year on average. (Often a lot more!)

Which means you’ll end up weighing 1o to 20 lbs less than ALL your friends in 10 years...

If all you do is maintain the same weight!

But if you go on a weight loss program...

The Diet Tyrants know that you’ll gain the weight back in 2 to 5 years...

And you’ll need them again! It’s win-win!

But the Pleasure Diet is different.

It’s a mind-set that teaches you how to eat so that you enjoy the satisfaction and pleasure of food...

While nourishing your body with everything it needs to keep you healthy and strong...

So that you NEVER feel the need to go on a diet again.

Here Are Just a Few Things the Pleasure Diet Will Change for You:

Discover the all new, counterintuitive formula for loving food and never dieting again!

Gain the courage you need to kick away the weight loss industry’s mind-control tactics and endless barrage of advertising.

Stop hating yourself for your “lack of willpower”and discover the truth about how your favorite foods have been engineered to addict you.

Find out why counting calories is keeping you overweight and the scary truth about drastic weight loss.

Do weight issues run in your family? Find out why your genes matter less than your food culture.

Learn how diet foods keep you hungry and overweight, and what you should be eating instead.

Find out why your state of mind is sending food straight to your hips and how to change it with the extraordinary new science of the psychology of eating.

Stop torturing yourself with long gym sessions and learn the #1 exercise for health and longevity.

Discover the morning habit that will energize you better than coffee and keep your metabolism active all day long.

Learn why you should eat MORE to live longer.

Gain an almost “magic ability” to hear what your body really needs to feel nourished and never starve yourself again!

Stressed about your BMI? Discover the shocking scam that guarantees half of Americans will always weigh “too much.”

End the diet wars. No more bleeding money on diet books, diet programs, and diet gurus who promise the moon only to fail you yet again.

Take back control. No more letting anyone try to control how you eat and shame you for your size.

Empower yourself. No more feeling hopeless and helpless and doomed to a life of never eating what you most want.

Set healthy habits for life as you learn to take wonderful care of your beautiful body and appreciate everything your body does for you.

And so much more!

Now, my publisher said this course wouldn’t be very marketable!

They said quick fixes, fad diets, and magic pills are the only things that sell.

But I have a challenge for you…

Let’s prove the marketing experts wrong.

They don’t think anyone will buy a course like mine.

They don’t think anyone wants to know how they’ve been misled...

How the Diet and Exercise Industries have made nutrition and fitness into something you have to buy...

How the lie of BMI has led perfectly healthy Americans to believe they’re overweight...

How the Food Industry has engineered processed foods to be addictive then blamed overconsumption on “willpower”...

I mean, none of that is going to help you lose weight, right?

My question to YOU is...

Is losing weight more important than living a long and healthy life?

So, for a limited time, I want to make this course available to you and anyone else who is looking to change their relationship with food.

And I’m pleased to offer this course for only $19.00

Yep, just 19 bucks. Less than the cost of a single meal at a restaurant.

I want to make it an easy decision to pick up this course.

A no-brainer for anyone looking to improve their life and health.

I legitimately want to help people, and believe I have something valuable to offer.

The research, experience and effort put into this course makes it immensely valuable...

And my hope is that you and many others buy this course and experience a positive change with your health and happiness.

And that will make you more receptive to what I have to offer in the future. It’s as simple as that. There’s no catch.

There’s no monthly fee or hidden payments.

Just a one-time cost of $19.

And the best part is, you are completely safe to try this course and its methods without any risk for up to 60 days...

You’re Backed by My Ironclad 60-Day Guarantee

Just try out the steps in “The Pleasure Diet” for up to 60 days and see how much better life can be when you have more control over the way people view you and feel about you.

Simply download this digital book instantly so you can conveniently get these insights anytime, anywhere.

And if you’re not satisfied for any reason…

Simply let me know with an email and you’ll get back every penny, no questions asked.

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